Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please Remember Air Force Master Sgt. Tara R. Brown

Please Remember Air Force Master Sgt. Tara R. Brown, 33-years-old, who died April 27th, 2011, serving during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland - Tara had deployed to Afghanistan in January of this year to train members of the Afghan Air Force in a computer course and networking skills at the Afghan Air Force Base.

On April 27th, a distressed Afghani pilot, Ahmad Gul, opened fire at the airport killing Sgt. Tara Brown and 7 other American Troops.

Tara was killed at Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered from gunfire from the Afghan military trainee.

She leaves behind her husband, 4 siblings, and her mother and father.

Her father says that Tara was never afraid. "She was very happy in what she was doing. She was trying to liberate somebody. She was always trying to help somebody and that's why she went over there. She was so excited about helping people."

When Tara was in high school, she sang in the church choir and aspired to become a pediatric nurse. But three weeks before graduation from Deltona High School in 1995, Brown told her father she was going into the Air Force.

Since then, Brown has worked her way up the ranks, becoming a master sergeant. Her latest deployment was on what her father called a "history-making mission."

Late last year, Brown and her longtime friend, Army Sgt. Ernest Brown, married at a New England courthouse. They celebrated with a party at their Maryland home. The couple did not have children.

We Will Never Forget you and your service, Sgt. Tara Brown!

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