Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Small Business Saturday - Bracelets For America

Bracelets For America was started in the wake of the tragedy of 9-11-01 and my need to "do something to help." It was clear to me that family members wanted their loved ones remembered, and I wanted to do something to honor and memorialize the lives that were lost that day. I recalled the Vietnam War POW-MIA bracelet I had worn in the early 70's, and with this in mind, I designed 500 stainless steel bracelets. That first order was gone in one day, and I've been filling this need by making bracelets ever since. From Sept. 2001 until January 2004, 100% of the profits from 9-11 bracelet sales went to various charitable 9-11 funds and to providing thousands of bracelets to families at no cost. We also provided bracelets at cost and below cost pricing to families, firefighters, police officers and other organizations who suffered personal loss on 9-11. Today we continue to provide bracelets that help remember loved ones and honor those who serve us, while also designing a variety of bracelets that celebrate life. #smallbusinesssaturday

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